Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adventures In Designing

Finally finished stitching up my own work last night. I needed to fill in the border that I had made for it, and in doing so, I found a couple of things that needed to be changed. Just a couple of tiny OOPSIE! It's inevitable I suppose. I got mad at myself because it wasn't perfect right out of the gate, but then again, I thought of all the designers where I had to write down corrections to patterns I have and then I didn't worry too much. I could be in worse company, yea? :)

At any rate, here are the corrections, with my sincerest apologies!

1. Letter T in 'Harvest' should have an extra stitch at the foot. It should look like the letter T in 'First'.

2. Bees are to have a single strand of 938 backstitch for the antennae. I tried last night to put french knots at the top of the antennae, but I am utterly hopeless at them, so I left them off. You can add them if you like, however. :)

3. Fabric used in model is 28 count raw linen.

4. Copyright 2010 Fleur De Luce Designs. You may freely distribute the chart, however, it is NOT to be sold or kitted!

Here is what it looks like when completed:

070710 First Harvest finish 004

Pro Tip Of The Day: When pulling colors for a design, make sure you are using the current line of said floss. When I was stitching this, I used a DMC I found in my collection that looked like this:

070710 First Harvest finish 002

DMC 372 is currently listed as a green color in the current color cards, LOL!

Well, I best be off. Have to do some chores before I can get to work on the next design, a monochrome! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :)


Respectfully submitted,



  1. Would you like me to correct the chart and send it to you again? I'm sorry if any of the errors are mine!

  2. Dear Kelly~

    The fault is ALL mine, I assure you! I sent you an email. Thank you so much for correcting it for me! You didn't have to do that! :)

    You rock! :)