Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At sixes and sevens


A state of total confusion and disorder, or of disagreement between parties.

Sorry for the lack of updating. Here lately, I have either been sick, depressed, or otherwise indisposed towards creating anything. I really do need to just push past whatever I'm feeling and just get on with things. The blogging will help, I think. My workspace is in a wretched mess and i really do need to organize my non stitchy stash a bit better. Money is really tight at the moment, so I have to use what's available, not that I mind that at all. I just need to push past the feeling like crap and get back to the business that is life. God knows I've wallowed enough, so now it's time to take care of some projects before I hopefully become gainfully employed and then have little or no time to do these things. (Not that the fate of Western Civilization rests on whether or not my card making supplies have a proper home, mind you! :P).

I took a poll on my SanMan board as to whether or not First Harvest needs a border and the overwhelming majority said yes. 39 yes's to be exact and three no's. Trouble is, I am having a hard time deciding just *what* to put as a border. The ladies all had wonderful suggestions, and I am probably going to add a border, and make it to where you can stitch the border or not, as you choose. I need to redo the chart as it is right now and then fiddle some more with the border. I have two ideas, so perhaps this afternoon I will take pencil and paper and have a go at it. I still have no idea of how designers do this all day. At times this has driven me bat shit crazy with what's gonna go where and will this picture in my head really look like that when it's actually *stitched*? Some things just get lost in translation, yea? and I have a bad habit of really not looking where I leap, I just flit off and do things. And then I have the utter audacity to whine that I have no idea of how or why I end up where I do. /shakes head. When Einstein said that the true definition of insanity was repeating an action over and over again and expecting a different result, he surely was talking about me. :)

Well, I am off for now. Got some other blogging and stuff to do. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :)


Respectfully submitted,


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